Sundance® spas are engineered to run flawlessly, with proven reliability backed by a comprehensive warranty program. Our commitment to excellence starts with our design and manufacturing teams, who are among the most experienced and creative professionals in the industry.

i - Touch Control panel

Backlit digital display and touchpad control functions.

Innovative Therapy Seat

Jets target up to 14 acupressure points.

Versatile Jets

Jets combine for specific massage types, from bold to gentle.

AquaTerrace Water Feature

Fully adjustable streaming water and colored lighting operates with or without jets on.

Pure Aromatherapy

SunScents™ (available from your local dealer) infuse the water with air-driven fragrance.

Full - Foam Insulation

Conserves heat and supports spa plumbing.

MicroClean® ultra Filtration

The MicroClean Plus filter on 880 Series spas uses a triple-layer pleated material that filters 99% of all particles and removes oils and lotions from the water.


Provides a solid foundation impervious to moisture and insects.

Secure Harness Plumbing

Allows precise clustering of jets, equalizes water pressure to each jet, enhances pumping efficiency and enables more secure fittings.

Powerful jet Pumps

Single, dual or triple pumps provide a generous amount of massage power.


Proprietary lamination process produces the industry’s most reliable spa shell.

Efficient Heater

Heating element directly heats the water, increasing thermal efficiency. Titanium coil heater so effectively resists corrosion that it comes with a five year unconditional warranty.*

i -touch System Controls

A Sundance exclusive. Customizes filtration and temperature settings. Microprocessors continuously monitor operating and safety functions.

High - Quality Cabinetry

SunStrong UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry is durable and maintenance-free.

ClearRay® system

Hassle-free water maintenance.
Acrylic Shell

Our exclusive Rigid Bond™ shell lamination process layers the acrylic
surface material with vinylester resin for superior adhesion. A proprietary blend of polyester resins makes our spa shells eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass-laminated shells.