Nordic Hot Tubs Modern Series

Since 1995, Nordic has led the industry in providing high quality, therapeutic hot tubs. A Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect balance of hydrotherapy at a cost-effective price.

Nordic’s DTS™, or Dual Therapy System, is exclusive to Nordic Hot Tubs and combines high flow water movement with a circular motion, to massage parts of the body that are forgotten in competitors’ spas. The combination of high flow water and individual jet therapy DTS™ provides is the perfect balance of active and passive muscle and joint relief.

The Robb Report, experts with international renown for rating premium products, named Nordic Hot Tubs one of the five best spas in the world. Easy to install, hand-crafted from the finest materials, and stylishly designed, a Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Modern Series Hot Tubs:

Stella MS:
The Nordic Stella MS offers 3 person seating and it includes our special non-float lounger.

Retreat MS:
The Retreat MS offers 5 person seating, deep soak seating and a bench seat with front body massage. Enjoy all the luxuries of your own special “Retreat”. *Our Most Poplar Model!

Bella MS:
Let tension drain away and senses revive in this lush, attractive two-person spa. Your in home hydrotherapy treatment. Helps arthritis and fibromyalgia by improving circulation and reducing stress.

D’Amour MS:
The Nordic D’Amour MS offers a romantic getaway and incredible hot water therapy. With seating for two, this spa can help you spend alone time with a loved one or simply offer sanctuary from every day stress to couples or individuals.

Encore MS:
Our Modern Series model provides the ultimate in Hydrotherapy with energy efficiency in mind. 32 jets make for a therapeutic experience few can match for any amount of money. What more can you ask for? … Well maybe a Sport Edition! (Height 35″, 84″x84″)

Escape MS:
This spa can help you create quality family time or simply offer sanctuary from every day stress to couples or individuals. The Escape Modern Series has seating for up to six persons.